Title/Project: The Hunt
Location: Various locations across Canada
Media: corten steel
Size: 150’ long x 10’ wide x 10’ high

Exploring the intersection of nature and culture, The Hunt examines the discord between our primal instincts and social expectations.

Pursued by a pack of five welded steel wolves, the plate steel cut-out of an alert buck uses negative space to create a window through which we can regain our lost perspective.

We are invited to examine our emotional response at both ends of this cycle and to relate this to our own experiences - what does it feel like to be the hunter, and the hunted? How do our bodies react to these situations? How does society expect us to deal with them? Does social convention allow for adequate resolution of our emotions or perpetuate conflict within ourselves?

"The Hunt has been the hit of the Summer!"

- Carlyn Moulton, Owner, Oeno Gallery, Prince Edward County, ON

The Hunt was awarded the prestigious Reed Cooper Bursary for Visual Arts, and is being produced as a limited edition of 5 works.

The artist’s proof resides at the Oeno Gallery in Prince Edward County, where it has been so successful that gallery owner Carlyn Moulton has called it the “Hit of the Summer”.


Edition #1 of 5 was installed at the 13th Street Winery, In Niagara in November, 2015, where the sculpture has received tremendous positive feedback - generating strong emotional reactions from visitors and captivating audiences with a dynamic sense of motion and energy.

Edition #2 of 5 was installed by the District of Oak Bay, in Victoria, British Columbia in May, 2016

Edition #3 of 5 was installed at the Thunder Highlands Golf Course in Tiny, ON in June 2016.

Edition #4 of 5 will be installed in summer 2017 in the Town of Blue Mountains, ON.