Thank you to our major partners who helped make Legacy possible.

Let's Change the World Together!


Legacy is a labour of love and an expression of Ken's passion for the natural world that surrounds us. We need your help to continue to spread the message and increase environmental awareness by providing the educational programming which accompanies the installation. If you are able to help financially, or in-kind with travel or equipment assistance, please contact Ken Hall.


Legacy is currently touring Canada and the US, but eventually we hope to take the exhibit internationally as well. We greatly appreciate any help you might be able to offer in helping Legacy to secure high-profile venues along the way. With our commitment to environmental education, Legacy has a lasting, positive impact on communities that she travels through. If you'd like to see Legacy in your community, and have a good idea for an exhibition venue, or even better have a contact with one, please don't hesitate to contact Ken Hall.


Coverage of any kind - tv, radio, blogs, print - all helps to increase Legacy's exposure and spread her important message to as wide an audience as possible. Ken is available for interviews, and a press kit can be sent out should you require one. Please contact Ken Hall with any questions.