At the intersection of art and science, artist Ken Hall’s evocative and engaging public installations bring people together – provoking collective thought and discussion, while examining our relationships to each other and the natural world.

Teeming with energy and movement, Ken’s pieces explore complex social and ecological issues in an uplifting and inclusive fashion, becoming talismans of awareness and change.

His numerous public commissions grace urban centres and rural locations across North America.

Ken’s award-winning environmental installation Legacy – an anatomically correct, hand-carved skeleton of a killer whale whose body carried one of the highest loads of chemical toxins ever recorded in a marine mammal, was recently covered by the Smithsonian. Created to help further the discussion of our fractured connection to the natural world, Legacy is touring North America and can be experienced at the Ontario Science Centre until the end of 2017.

Born in Toronto, and educated at the University of Waterloo in Mechanical Engineering and Fine Arts, Ken’s work is characterised by his ability to exploit a wide range of media, allowing him to seek out the fundamental form of expression for each piece; ranging from public sculpture to interactive digital artwork.